CHARMED Medical Jewelry was inspired by a close friend who had been advised to wear a medical ID, yet hesitated due to the awkwardness of wearing something that so obviously (and often unattractively) drew attention to her private medical information – especially in professional and social settings.  Motivated by her plight and armed with a personal understanding of how truly precious one’s health is, I was determined to create a solution for those seeking a refined way to match their medical needs with their lifestyle.

A luxury born from necessity, CHARMED Medical Jewelry combines the design aesthetic and precious materials of fine jewelry with the functionality of a traditional medical ID.  We are proud to be the first luxury fine jewelry brand dedicated to those who would benefit from wearing a medical ID.

Each exquisite jewel in the CHARMED collection is crafted in solid gold or sterling silver, and is set with fine enamel or precious gemstones specifically chosen for their beauty and durability.  Most importantly, every stunning piece prominently features the Star of Life symbol (that represents emergency medical services) and is fully engravable with your personalized, vital medical information for use in case of an emergency. 

By choosing a special piece of CHARMED Medical Jewelry you also choose:

  • An elegant medical ID that complements your personal style and fine jewelry collection
  • Precious metals and gemstones that are durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily wear
  • Discreet reference to personal health conditions
  • Confidence in having your critical information easily accessible in an emergency should it be needed
  • Precision laser-engraving designed to ensure optimal clarity and readability of key information